Another Surry Hills Library DVD: Dating the Enemy (1996)

28 Dec

datingAustralian company Animal Logic is famous at the moment for the movie Happy Feet, which I have not yet seen. A project they were associated with ten years ago was Dating the Enemy, directed by Megan Simpson Huberman, starring Guy Pearce and Claudia Karvan. I have to confess I knew nothing of this film when I borrowed the DVD from the library, and it is fair to say it doesn’t have an enormous internet presence.

There is a good page (even if most of the links have died) on, a site “run and updated by a single person. My name is Dominica Malcolm (formerly Corless). I started this web site in 1999 when I was fifteen and in year eleven at high school.” Pretty good site too.

The synopsis I found on the WebSPIRS database reads, “A romantic comedy about a couple that wake up one morning to find themselves in each other’s bodies. The message of the film is quite simple – wouldn’t it be great if men could understand women’s lives from a woman’s point of view, and women could understand men’s lives from a man’s point of view. Guy Pearce from Priscilla is featured.”

I found the second half of the movie better than the first, but it was rather enjoyable. Guy Pearce is brilliant in it, especially when he “becomes” a woman. There are some very funny situations and a better than average level of social satire. I found it much more appealing than the run-of-the-mill American situation comedy.

Very Sydney.

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