Do see Happy Feet

30 Dec

Lord Malcolm wanted to see it and we managed to do it. 🙂

For us this New Year is especially poignant; after all Lord Malcolm knows it will be his last. That is not big on the world scene, but not everything important is.

The movie is something of a Billy Elliot for penguins. It is also a valuable environmental lesson, an aspect I don’t think was overplayed. There was enough allusion to pop culture, music, and other films to keep an adult audience alert and entertained, and the animation was simply wonderful.

It took us all out of ourselves for a couple of hours. If you want to know more about the movie, click the picture below.

Nice note…

This was in an email from a parent with whom I have been corresponding about HSC matters: “Enjoyed reading your blog….a million miles from leafy Turramurra…or after all, perhaps not so far? I’ve visited the parallel universe of those with terminal illness, and wish your friend peace and comfort.”


Meanwhile, of course, Saddam Hussein has been executed. Do I regret that? No, he is justly to be regarded as a criminal, though I oppose capital punishment. Do I have anything original to say? No. Will it solve the Iraq problem? No. Was he executed now to forestall embarrassing evidence emerging about connections between the Kurdish genocide and US interests during the Iran-Iraq war? Not unlikely. Do I understand the rejoicing in south-western Sydney today? Yes indeed. Baghdad Burning has a post on recent events, her first post for quite some time. Juan Cole has a comment on that post.

Can this event be compared with what I have chosen to highlight today? Of course not. Does this make what I have reported unworthy of notice? Get a life…

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