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Lord Malcolm update

Update 8 March 2007 Lord Malcolm is still with us and has plans for this month. Will let you know how they went… [NOTE: Malcolm finally passed away 1 June 2007.]

See here and here.

Sirdan and I visited Malcolm last Sunday and were able to take him out into the sun for a while. I have just seen him today. There is a new round of opportunistic infection.

Dorothy had been this morning; she gave him a framed message from South Sydney Uniting Church. I had known nothing about that.
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I’ve been quiet lately on Iraq, Bush, and so on…

Not that I haven’t been following the news, not to mention the various pieces The Poet has sent me.

I have just one question:

Name ONE thing George Bush has done, ONE policy he has espoused, which was not either totally misconceived and ill-advised from the start, or which has not by now gone belly-up. Just one…

Why is he still there?
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Extreme prejudice… 2

My own, in this case. My commitment to diversity, pluralism, tolerance and so on did not come with me from birth. Yes, I had a remarkably tolerant and curious maternal grandfather, and that helped, but well into my twenties I was very conservative and sometimes racist and very dubious about homosexuality, the last being quite inconvenient really. Life, experience, and reading (in that order) wrought the changes you see today. I am in my sixties now and still a work in progress. I believe that is how it ought to be as well.

When twenty years ago I finally “came out” there were aspects of the gay world, and associated worlds as the picture is far more complex, that did not fit me. Take drag and effeminacy for example: I had a problem with that, because I was not thus inclined myself, and still am not. Equally, the various patterns of hyper-masculinity one finds in parts of the gay world did not/do not attract me either. I just want to be me, I guess, but that implies extending the same privilege to others, doesn’t it?

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Extreme prejudice… 1

Let he that is without sin, etc…

Last weekend I saw Tony Abbott’s attack on Kevin Rudd’s version of Christianity as a stand-up comic routine. In today’s Sydney Morning Herald Tony continues to reveal that his version of Christianity is a question of cheerleading for one line of thought. He also confesses, interesting for us oldies, that the true heir of B A Santamaria is Tony Abbott and the current Liberal Party — except for Santa’s sentimental belief in trade unions. That admission would once have sunk them without trace, wouldn’t it?
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On not being complacent about AIDS

Today the Australian government has reacted to an overall rise of new HIV cases in Australia between 2000 and 2005 with a proposed new advertising campaign to get the safe sex message out there again.

NATASHA SIMPSON: It’s yet to be decided what form the campaign would take, but Don Baxter from the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, has a clear idea of how it should be designed to ensure maximum impact.
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Poetry’s Decline?

Maybe, maybe not. Jim Belshaw and I share a love for Judith Wright’s poetry. My mother, who “competed” with Judith Wright in the 1920’s children’s pages of the Sydney Mail, did not share my enthusiasm for her work. An earlier generation of Australian poetry was more to her taste.

I did my bit for Australian poetry at one stage. I met a few poets at that time, and explored even more. I do genuinely enjoy the work of Robert Gray, determinedly against the cultural grain as he may be in some ways.
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Watched Yin shi nan nu (1994) last night…

Just showing off, and M did invite me to his Chinese New Year party on Sunday 18 February last night. What I am talking about is Ang Lee’s Eat Drink Man Woman, a movie M recommends for its insight on Chinese culture. And the food, the food! Prepare to salivate! (Living with M was like living in this movie. 😉 ) On the DVD James Schamus, the co-writer with Ang Lee, says he got his head around the culture by thinking of the characters as Jewish… This is “a dish cooked to perfection” says reviewer James Berardinelli, and I could not agree more. The image below takes you to another review on

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