We made it to The Queen

09 Jan

This is certainly a very fine film and very believable, I found. There are seventeen pages of opinions so far on the International Movie Database, most of them favourable. Helen Mirren deserves all the praise she gets, but Michael Sheen also gives depth to the role of Tony Blair.


On the other hand, as a movie to take someone to as a break from the company of the dying in a hospice it may not have been the best choice, especially as the strain of the whole thing — not the movie but the expedition as such — really began to tell after around two hours. Happy Feet was much more fitting Lord Malcolm’s circumstances. I am not sure how many more of these things we will be able to do. (Sirdan told me later that things were rather dire when they got back to the hospice.)

It is also fair to say it is a movie that would lose nothing from being watched on DVD at home, unlike Happy Feet which does need the full theatre experience to be seen at its best. As drama, though, The Queen really is top quality, warm yet dignified, not unafraid of uncomfortable thoughts, but generally sympathetic to its subject. I can understand why both royalists and republicans have enjoyed it.

Small irrelevant note

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UPDATE: #80,000 uses a Macintosh MacOSX, lives in Sydney, arrived at 9.11 pm and read the entry Keating: the Musical.

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  1. The Artist

    January 9, 2007 at 9:01 pm

    Saw `The Queen’ myself last weekend and totally agree with your critique, best wishes, The Artist

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