Laughter saving the world?

10 Jan

That is one heretical conclusion I came to when I contrasted two stories in today’s Sydney Morning Herald. It was the first of these stories, Police eye on radicals, which sent me scurrying back through my archives, which in turn led to today’s earlier entry.

EXTRA police will be on stand-by for a seminar to be held this month in Bankstown by an ultra-radical Muslim group banned in many countries. The group, Hizb ut-Tahrir, will use the meeting to promote support for an “imminent” Islamic superstate that Christian critics claim will be a recruiting ground for extremists…

I have been up close and personal to that group, so I wanted to see what I had said about it. Unfortunately the missing Diary-X entries were in the two most relevant months of 2003, but not all is lost. I recommend you track through these archives:

The second story is Sitcom goes beyond hijab to look for laughs. There will be those deeply offended, just as the Puritans were so offended by Shakespeare and company after Malvolio and such that they closed the theatres when Cromwell’s Taliban seized power. I suspect this is precisely the kind of laughter that restores a sense of proportion and therefore we desperately need it.

FOR Zarqa Nawaz, a hijab-wearing Muslim woman living on the Canadian prairies, life in the West has always provided certain conundrums.

For example, is a woman obliged to cover herself in the presence of a gay man?

Now Islam meets sitcom in a new Canadian television show, Little Mosque on the Prairie. The first of its genre to deal with the Muslim experience in North America since the September 11, terrorist attacks, it began last night on CBC, the national public broadcaster..

“It always struck me as hilarious. What if that man has no interest in you sexually, does he count?” Nawaz, the show’s creator, said. “You normally can’t ask those questions out loud in your community because they think it’s too out there, so this series is almost a form of therapy for me.”…

It will be interesting to see if ABC or SBS takes it on.

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