Rabbit Redux

11 Jan

My God, The Rabbit has blogged after five months silence! And he is about to be a real English teacher, managing to avoid a certain institution I don’t think I would have been very comfortable in either, from all I hear. Even Masada, good as it was (except for how far away it was) had its conflicting aspects, from my viewpoint. I was happy to hear this much at last. I hope the year ahead has plenty of rewards for him.

I tried lawn bowls when I was at Dapto. There’s a lot of skill involved. I did not necessarily possess that skill, but perhaps The Rabbit will recall my snooker and draw the appropriate conclusion.

I am about to visit Lord Malcolm with Dorothy McRae-McMahon. Lord Malcolm is unable to leave the hospice at this time; he has agreed to meet Dorothy. She won’t be doing anything creepy… I’ll tell you the parts that are publishable later on.


That visit with Dorothy went very well. I hadn’t realised, but Dorothy is a Patron of Palliative Care Australia, so she kind of knows about these things. I found this interview too, which is interesting. She and Lord Malcolm chatted about Tasmania, and much else besides. He said it brightened his day.

And later

Malcolm rang to tell me he is being transferred to the hospital tomorrow. I won’t go into details, except that certain vital organs are not really working. He confirmed how much he’d appreciated Dorothy. Indeed, certain things were talked about simply because of Dorothy’s presence and wisdom. Sirdan is helping with the hospital move.

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