The Paris Concert for Amnesty International December 1998

13 Jan

The Paris Concert for Amnesty International: The Struggle Continues… — something else I watched last night, on DVD. Given the state of the world, this was a salutary reminder of what it should be about, and worth every one of the three hours.


Click on that image to visit Amnesty 2007. I hope they get a real surge of interest… God knows it is needed.


See also John Baker: Guantanamo: Stop this outrage.

…justice should be above politics. But it obviously isn’t in relation to Guantanamo. When I was at school we were taught that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. And that justice was about a fair trial and the ability to be able to defend oneself. Do teachers these days, in the UK and in the USA teach something different? Or are they supposed to lie to our children?

John is a UK novelist.

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