Deliberately quiet Sunday

14 Jan

Sirdan and I had lunch at the Captain Cook Hotel. When Sirdan found a small piece of wire in his steak, otherwise excellent, we got our money back. Who said there was no such thing as a free lunch?

Jim Belshaw’s post for Thursday, January 11, 2007 almost relates to that idea: Australia’s Universities – a personal Mea Culpa. If you are at all interested in the trajectory education policy and education funding have taken over the past few decades, you must read this very honest post from someone who was deeply involved. It is better than most of what you will see in the media on the subject.

My reasons for having a quiet Sunday include: 1) it is the anniversary of my sister’s death, and I tend to get pensive on this day even now; 2) Sirdan and I are neither saints nor ghouls, and, though it is not his fault, the whole Lord Malcolm thing is becoming very hard to bear, obviously for him, but for us bystanders too there are aspects of final stage AIDS that are particularly challenging and draining. I guess that’s why I brought Dorothy into it. She has expertise and experience that most do not have. Sirdan went over to the hospital afterwards; I went yesterday. The link in paragraph one is especially poignant.

Oh, and I have finished renovating all the pages here.


You will note from Jim’s very kind comment below that he spent four days writing that post of his. I am not surprised. Because it is such an important overview of policy changes we labour under today, because there is quite a profound set of educational values behind that overview as well as intimate knowledge of how and why policy has gone the way it has, I am going to note it also on my English and ESL blog. It is a post that I hope gets noticed by teachers and education administrators.

Done: Read Jim Belshaw on education policy.

Monday update

It just might be that Lord Malcolm will be discharged and allowed to go home later this week, which is rather amazing. There are things he and the relevant authorities have to put in place before that happens though.

Wednesday update

Lord Malcolm isn’t going anywhere, he just told me. Sirdan and I suspected as much…

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One response to “Deliberately quiet Sunday

  1. Jim Belshaw

    January 14, 2007 at 8:55 pm

    Thank you for this comment, Neil. The higher ed post took a lot of time – the Thursday date is when I posted the first part to draft, today (Sunday) when I finished.

    I can understand your feelings re Lord Malcolm. It’s just very hardto see someone you feel for suffering. My thoughts are with you and his other friends as well as Malcolm himself.

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