My Gateway has gone to cyber-Heaven…

25 Jan

byebye_gatewaySo sad.

Perhaps even The Rabbit will shed a tear.

Yes folks, I went to turn the old beast on yesterday to check how the new layout here might look on an old computer, and it wouldn’t. Turn on, that is. Not at all. Dead as a doornail. Probably the on-off switch, but they designed this model to keep you out, so I guess we have to say it is now for the scrap-heap. Fortunately nothing very vital was on it any more. Anything important had long since been copied to my memory stick and/or transferred to the Toshiba.

But let us remember Mister Neo with affection. See I have been ranting online for SOOO long!, where you get a bonus dose of US poet John O’Hara too.

June 7, 2000

Got the new computer today, and aside from stuffing up my Outlook Express (which I’ve sort of fixed) all is well so far. Anyway, true to what I said above (and this time I’ll make the diary go forwards instead of backwards) I’ll tell a story:


Except I won’t. 😉 And yes, I am still using that Gateway!

Well, not any more. That 2000 entry must refer, by the way, to my very first “diary” on Talk City. I was happy if ten people a day read it then. Yesterday on this blog it was 219, my own visits excluded.

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2 responses to “My Gateway has gone to cyber-Heaven…

  1. Antony Shen

    January 25, 2007 at 3:13 pm

    Perhaps it’s the right time to make the switch?

    Apple Macs are cheaper than ever before, and all Intel-based Macs run Windows natively.

  2. ninglun

    January 25, 2007 at 3:31 pm

    Already have the Toshiba.

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