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31 Jan

Update 8 March 2007 Lord Malcolm is still with us and has plans for this month. Will let you know how they went… [NOTE: Malcolm finally passed away 1 June 2007.]

See here and here.

Sirdan and I visited Malcolm last Sunday and were able to take him out into the sun for a while. I have just seen him today. There is a new round of opportunistic infection.

Dorothy had been this morning; she gave him a framed message from South Sydney Uniting Church. I had known nothing about that.

A vanishing speck in those inane dominions,
Single and frail, uncertain of her place,
Alone in the bright host of her companions,
Lost in the blue unfriendliness of space.

She feels it close now, the appointed season;
The invisible thread is broken as she flies;
Suddenly, without warning, without reason,
The guiding spark of instinct winks and dies.

Try as she will, the trackless world delivers
No way, the wilderness of light no sign;
The immense and complex map of hills and rivers
Mocks her small wisdom with its vast design.

And darkness rises from the eastern valleys,
And the winds buffet her with their hungry breath,
And the great earth, with neither grief nor malice,
Receives the tiny burden of her death.

It really won’t be long now. I thought of that poem by A D Hope as I was walking home. (I have restored the poem to the version I remember.)

Seen at St Vincents Hospital: a woman in full hijab, possibly Indonesian, wheeling an old Anglo man in a wheelchair, just to help out. No relation. A good sight.


Dorothy sent me a copy of the message for Malcolm. You may read it over the fold.

Perhaps subconsciously I think we were both remembering the major part flying has played in Malcolm’s life. He still delights to talk about it. And just for interest, here is where Malcolm worked in recent years.



May the night be calm around you,
like a cloak of gentleness,
and the day be filled with moments
of many gathered gifts.
May your memories hold you firmly
into life lived with delight –
with regrets tossed away,
and all that is valuable
cherished and staying close beside you
to add to your future.
May your spirit soar into the heights,
flying free, unfettered by earthly limits,
and surrounded with clouds of love
which visit you like every friend you ever had.
And then may a God,
who is always filled with kindness,
bring you rest and peace.

Love and prayers from me every day
and from all your friends at South Sydney

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One response to “Lord Malcolm update

  1. Adrian Phoon

    January 31, 2007 at 10:00 pm

    I don’t know you personally, Neil, but as a stranger in the blogosphere I’ve appreciated and benefited from reading your prose.

    Thinking of you and your loved ones during this time.

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