Do not rely on Julie Bishop…

02 Feb

In today’s Sydney Morning Herald comments we have come to expect from Julie Bishop — and they often turn out to be tendentious or sensational — accompany the account of the Year 12 Curriculum Content and Achievement Standards Report released by the Australian Council for Educational Research.

The federal Education Minister, Julie Bishop, said yesterday there needed to be core curriculum content and nationwide standards so student results could be better compared.

Some state education systems were lowering standards to the point where one in five West Australian students were functionally illiterate at the end of year 7 and the number of year 12 Queenslanders studying “soft option English” had tripled in the past 15 years. “In some states SMS messaging is part of a tertiary entrance English course,” she said.

Ms Bishop made the comments as she released a report by the Australian Council for Educational Research, which compared the way five senior secondary subjects were taught in different states.

I have downloaded the report and will comment again after I have read it.

Meanwhile, the track record of Julie Bishop and company on this theme may be followed on my Dumbed Down Syllabus Myth key search.

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