They would have to be mad of course…

03 Feb

But has that stopped them before? Invading Iraq was madness, but we are stuck with the consequences, a few good, most of them bad. And now there are many who believe military action of some kind is likely against Iran. See also Raed Jarrar is hard to rebut on Iran, a post I put up in May 2006. He is still hard to rebut, but there have been developments since then.

On TruthOut Steve Hammons writes:

Despite recent election results reflecting Americans’ concerns about the Iraq War and related matters, will George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and their associates choose to use US military forces to attack Iran? Or, maybe the correct question is: When will they choose to attack? April? March? February? Many intelligent observers, some with inside information, have reported that the Bush administration and a certain group of their supporters have been planning to attack Iran for some time…

Now, four years [after Iraq] and despite the fact that – or perhaps because – the Iraq occupation has become such a disaster, the Bush administration may now be planning an attack on Iran. Throughout each of these developments, the fear of terrorist attacks, the Afghanistan operation, the invasion of Iraq, the “global war on terror” and now possible war with Iran, the Bush administration has pursued a radical expansion of their power and a disturbing disrespect for the constitutional rights of Americans and the human rights of others.

There also may be other motivations to attack Iran that are not yet clear…

In recent US elections, the American people sent a strong message to the Bush administration and their supporters in Congress: the Iraq War and the direction the Bush administration has led the country is of great concern. Americans saw that the killing and destruction in Iraq are beginning to seem pointless. The damage to our military and the financial costs to our nation do not seem worthwhile. The reasons for and intelligence prior to the Iraq invasion may have been fraudulent – consciously and purposely fraudulent. Americans voted for moderate and progressive candidates to try to put a stop to this and lead the US in a better direction.

In recent elections in Iran, candidates for office who were allied with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were soundly defeated. The Iranian people seemed to be saying that they did not approve of the bellicose and threatening statements and style of Ahmadinejad. The direction he is taking their country apparently has created great concern among Iranians. The Iranian people voted for relatively progressive and moderate candidates to try to put a stop to this and lead Iran in a better direction.

Still, the political leaders of both the US and Iran seem to continue this escalating confrontation, placing the safety and welfare of their people and their nations, as well as the international community, at grave risk. Leaders who are determined to provoke war, who seem to have extreme political and religious agendas and who are willing to bring death and destruction are not unique to our times now. There have always been leaders who sought to acquire, use and abuse power for all the wrong reasons.

Leaders like this have long been a threat to peace-loving, decent people who would rather help their fellow human beings and create a better world for their children and grandchildren. It is the responsibility of these good people to do what they can to restrain the forces for destruction within their societies and nations.

Americans, Iranians and the entire international community have a stake in these developments.

There does need to be a very strong surge against this madness all around the world, in Iran as much as in the USA or here. Perhaps then we will be able to address some real issues, like those discussed here yesterday.

The Poet recommends:


Thanks to Eteraz for this. Visit NIE Undermines Administration Claim That Iran Is ‘Igniting’ Violence In Iraq:

Today’s new [PDF] National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) explains why Iran is not a driving force behind Iraq’s violence:

Iraq’s neighbors influence, and are influenced by, events within Iraq, but the involvement of these outside actors is not likely to be a major driver of violence or the prospects for stability because of the self-sustaining character of Iraq’s internal sectarian dynamics. Nonetheless, Iranian lethal support for select groups of Iraqi Shia militants clearly intensifies the conflict in Iraq.

The NIE acknowledges that Iran is trying to cause trouble. But it also notes that sectarian violence — not Iranian support — is the most immediate threat…

Beware an administration that once believed passionately in WMDs and is a recidivist spinner of “facts” that suit.

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2 responses to “They would have to be mad of course…

  1. Lexcen

    February 3, 2007 at 7:37 pm

    It seems that US foreign policy is a series of repeated mistakes that they continue to repeat. The strategy in Vietnam repeated in Iraq and probably again in Iran will be doomed to failure.
    1. Send in too few troops
    2. Over rely on superior technology to do the job
    3. Become obsessed with minimizing casualties of troops
    4. Fret over the cost of the whole exercise
    5. Send in reinforcements when the situation is hopelessly out of hand
    6. Pull out of the whole damn mess in disgust and frustration
    7. Not forgetting that they have no long term strategy in place before they begin.

  2. Daniel

    February 3, 2007 at 8:20 pm

    I guess when the Bush Administration is run by a madman then it’s reasonable to expect the worst.

    Cheers and dig a bomb shelter. A deep one!

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