ABC TV Guide Monday February 12, 2007

09 Feb

Nice line-up:

6:30pm Talking Heads
7:00pm ABC News
7:30pm The 7.30 Report
8:00pm Australian Story
8:30pm Four Corners
9:30pm Must See TV Difference Of Opinion
10:30pm Lateline

What’s missing?

Or has the ABC Program Guide just left it off the list by mistake? Or is it this?

* Media Watch will be back on air in February 2007 says the MW site. But when?

Monday 12 February

Good news! Media Watch returns later this month. See the comment below.

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One response to “ABC TV Guide Monday February 12, 2007

  1. Beverley Farmer

    February 12, 2007 at 9:23 am

    Media Watch
    9:20pm Monday, 26 Feb 2007
    Australia’s leading forum for media analysis and comment hosted by multi-award winning broadcaster, Monica Attard.

    Education Subtitles CC

    Go to website Send to a Friend

    also showing on ABC 2Media Watch
    10:15pm Wednesday, February 28
    8:45am Thursday, March 1

    also showing on ABC TVMedia Watch
    12:25am Wednesday, February 28

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