I downloaded “Wisdom of the Elders”, and so should you…

09 Feb


Peakhurst High Sydney 1956

Jim Belshaw drew our attention to ABC Local 702’s program of 7 February 2007, Wisdom of the Elders :

The idea was to get a dialogue going between people in their twenties and in their seventies – to acknowledge the fresh perspectives of our twenty-somethings, but also to learn from the wisdom of older Australians.

702 Drive host Richard Glover lead the discussions about food, sport, relationships that were leading to the underlying question of whether Australians think things have improved in the last 50 years.

meccano_1957The audience was made up of 20 year olds and 70 year olds who participated in the range of issues, and a ‘radio workshop’ was undertaken under the wider questions for each group.

For the 70-something people: What was better about Australia when you were twenty, and what was worse. What is the thing from the past that you would most like to see us get back. And what would you advice a twenty-year-old you starting out now?

And for the twenty-something people: Are there things from the past, of fifty years ago, that you wish we could get back. In what ways do you think your generation has got things right?

It was a fascinating, and at times, hilarious discussion.

You can go straight to some edited highlights (mp3 file), but visit the page itself to get the full programs in a column on the right of that page.

aerogramme 1957

I’ve only heard some, but understand Jim’s enthusiasm.

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