Cricket, rain, the Irish pub, Lord Malcolm

11 Feb

Bringing my shopping home from Woolies just now I thought, “They’ll be lucky!” I mean lucky to get the final one-dayer between England and Australia played, and the live scorecard now sits thus: Rain Delay: England lead by 59 runs with 9 wickets in hand. England have been doing rather well lately, as you probably know, having won three in a row. Australia must win this one.

building02.jpgI’d been to the Porterhouse Irish Pub in “Sydney’s fashionable Surry Hills” for one of their very generous $11 roast beef lunches. Sirdan (and Lord Malcolm) and I used to go there quite often at one time, but Sirdan and I hadn’t been there for maybe two years, so we were happy to go there today. We were unable to eat all the roast lunch! And for anyone out there who knows the place: they have learned how to serve the beer chilled! It’s a very pleasant pub, and there were some very pleasant English Cricket fans at the next table too.

I remember once telling the barman at the Porterhouse that my ancestors came from County Cavan. He looked at me as if I had just said my ancestors tended to have two heads… 😉

Sirdan went on to visit Lord Malcolm at St Vincents Hospital; I went shopping, and plan to go to the hospital tomorrow. There’s a fair chance Lord Malcolm may be sent home on Tuesday, but partly because there isn’t much the hospital can do for him now. They probably would have returned him to the hospice, but he has argued for being at home in his own bed. A lot of support has had to be organised. In fact, Lord Malcolm got the “green light” last Wednesday. I was there at the the time.

Jim Belshaw has replied to my Silencing Dissent entry: see The Howard Government, Dissent and the Pattern of Change in Australia. We agree and disagree. Jim’s perspective is interesting and well-informed, while I am quite passionate about what I regard as total intellectual and social havoc wrought by the Howardites. The discussion should be worthwhile.

On Silencing Dissent: you may purchase it from The Australia Institute, and may also see some of the ideas canvassed by Clive Hamilton in Quarterly Essay 21: What’s Left? – The death of social democracy (2006) which I have read.


And the rain has held off enough, it seems. Australia is on the chase as I write. Oh dear, 1/25…

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One response to “Cricket, rain, the Irish pub, Lord Malcolm

  1. AV

    February 11, 2007 at 8:59 pm

    I think the Aussies are tired and could stand to lose a couple of matches at the end of a long summer. It will let them know where they need to improve if they are to retain the World Cup.

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