Feedback from Martin Krygier

15 Feb

See How Martin Krygier ambushed the Quadranters.

I came across your blog about my counterpoint interview, and was very happy to read it. I was concerned, however, to learn from you that my Boyers were no longer on the ABC, since they’re also out of print. The former problem has been rectified, and they are back there at: Between Fear and Hope: Hybrid Thoughts on Public Views.

The latter one too, in a sense, since in a collection of my essays BlackINc put out last year, Civil Passions, versions of most of them reappear. I expand my critique of the current Quadrant in ‘The Usual Suspects’ in The Monthly of December-Jan 2005/2006.

I am glad those Boyer Lectures are back online. They are even more apt today, perhaps. I also read the article in The Monthly, noting it in Remember this? in December.

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