The Kamikaze Mind

23 Feb

The what? The Kamikaze Mind

… is the story of an astronaut who launched himself into a black hole. The recovered fragments of his mind have been organized alphabetically into a witty, whimsical, surprisingly touching and laugh-out-loud funny dictionary of a floating mind.

Richard Allen and Karen Perlman have sent these details:

This coming Monday February 26, Richard James Allen will be in Adelaide as part of: WRITING the STORY of the FUTURE, a one-day seminar on the author in the digital age organised by The Australia Council for the Arts. Richard will develop the notion of being a “shapeshifting” artist, that is inherently cross-platform in approach to creating work, by drawing on ideas in his recent UTS Chancellor’s Award-winning doctoral thesis and his cross-platform literary work for pages, performance, and phones, The Kamikaze Mind.

As part of this presentation, we would like to kick start a new phase of The Kamikaze Online Mind – and we would like you to be involved!

Expanding out beyond the book, but keeping in spirit with its inherent interactivity and hypertextuality, we would like you to contribute to definitions of words that either are not in the original dictionary, or if they are, to give them your own creative spin. You can be literal, but you can also be whimsical, lateral, sly, profound and witty. Once we have enough definitions posted, Richard may reshape these into collaborative online poems.

In tune with the themes of the seminar, here are the first four words we are suggesting – please have a go at one or all of them: Technology, Tomorrow, Taste, Tactile. A definition for only one of these exists in the published book:

Technology He reinvented the wheel and rolled off down the hill, never to be heard from again. (p. 131)

If possible, post your contributions by midnight Sunday February 26, as Richard will share the first contributions with the audience in Adelaide during his presentation on Monday.

Thank you – The Kamikaze Mind is conceived as ongoing interactive and creative arts event, anchored in the book itself, but taken further into new digital spaces – a multiplatform meeting of minds. We look forward to sharing in your creativity. And feel free to pass this on. It’s part of the whole idea – lateral, viral, reclaiming creative spaces and creating new spaces to play in the digital world. As in the Definition for Assignation: Meet me out in left field. (p. 17)

All the best,

Richard and Karen

Richard, you may recall, was one of the Neos people many years ago now.

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2 responses to “The Kamikaze Mind

  1. bronislava

    February 23, 2007 at 3:08 pm

    hello! i saw you on bourke st today 🙂

  2. ninglun

    February 23, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    Nice to have met you again, Bronislava. 🙂

    Can’t help liking Surry Hills, but I don’t envy you that neighbour of yours. 😦

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