If there isn’t a crisis, invent one…

27 Feb

The Donnelly referred to it, visibly salivating, and the Sydney Morning Herald trumpets this morning: Call to remedy poor teacher literacy:

SCHOOLCHILDREN are not the only ones in the classroom who need to work on their three Rs.

A parliamentary committee is worried that teachers may be graduating from university without sufficiently high literacy and numeracy skills. It wants people starting university education courses to sit special tests to work out whether they need remedial language and numeracy teaching.

In a report published yesterday the House of Representatives Education Committee said only four of 31 universities required entrants to teacher courses to have year 12 mathematics, another eight required year 11 mathematics, and the remaining 19 did not specify any level of mathematics for entry…

I just downloaded that report and so can you at Inquiry into Teacher Education. Such a shame that the preface to it states:

It is important to state that the teacher education system is not in crisis.

“System NOT in Crisis!” makes a poor headline, however.

Now I am off to Journalspace for an elections update… It will appear shortly. Done! (I have found a much better template there too. 😉 )

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