Ann Coulter: a name I haven’t mentioned before…

07 Mar

… after all this rampant rightwing loudmouthed radish is America’s problem, not ours. She does manage to make our parallels, if we have any, look good. And that is saying something.

I have read a lot about her though, as you probably have. She has been adding foulmouthed to loudmouthed lately it seems, to her own cost. Aman Yala reports that some high-powered sponsors are giving her the flick after her latest homophobic foray, and so they should.

Rarely have I read a better explanation of why freedom of speech does not include unfettered freedom of sledge:

The point is that “faggot” is a slur regardless of the (perceived) sexual orientation of the recipient. To argue, as Coulter has, that she “didn’t use an insulting word” just because she didn’t use it to describe someone she knew to be gay ignores the fact that the word “faggot” is, regardless of the context in which it is used, a slur that derives its power from its association with a despised minority, the GLBT population in this case. By using the word “faggot,” Coulter was attempting to invoke the scorn associated with that minority in the mind of her audience and attach it to the person at the receiving end of the insult, who in this case happened to be John Edwards.

Clearly, her intention was not to praise, but to insult Edwards, and to do so by attacking his masculinity. Her comment would lack meaning if “faggot” were a neutral term. It’s not as if she called him, say, a radish or a Volkswagen.

Daddy, Papa and Me reports that even conservatives are turning on her.


Much too heavy, Ninglun! I agree, so I’ve just deleted that section… 😉

I must remember to make liberal use of words like radish and Volkswagen, especially in my election comment…

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One response to “Ann Coulter: a name I haven’t mentioned before…

  1. Daniel

    March 8, 2007 at 11:00 am

    If someone called me a radish or a Volkswagen I would be highly offended, Ninglun. The connotations of both are many.

    Words are tricky things. Be careful!

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