I don’t hate Doctor D…

13 Mar

… though my quarrel with his work is of long standing and has often been expressed combatively, perhaps the long term effect of F R Leavis via Sam Goldberg in 1964. I see Dr D has been reading me again today. And he uses a Mac. Nothing wrong with Macs. Sirdan has a Mac. So does The Poet.

Just thought you should know that.

Note the top five individual posts visited in the past seven days to 7 pm today.

1. Donnelly is miffed 72
2. The connection has timed out — Firefox 39
3. Two Australian poems of World War II 28 — nice to see that April 2006 post up here! 🙂
4. Does Tim Blair still do global warming jokes? 26
5. Keating: The Musical 25

Christian school? Aluminium’s reality trip

Yes, Aluminium, an English teacher, is venting, but read her vent (corrected link). Ideals and reality can so diverge, even in the happy world of the small private (Christian) school. Even? Especially? No, probably not fair… But if you think privatisation will bring in education Utopia, read Aluminium’s vent.

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