Zimbabwe’s crackpot turns 83…

13 Mar

John Howard is not all that bad, you know, even if I for one will be glad to see him go into a well-paid retirement. Consider Robert Mugabe who has celebrated his 83rd in fine style clamping down even further on what opposition is still left in the country while his people pay around $70 for two litres of milk.

Go to This is Zimbabwe.

Gift Tandare is the name of the young man killed by the Zimbabwean police yesterday. He was a young activist trying to participate in a rally yesterday, organised to voice objections to the myriad human rights abuses under Mugabe and Zanu PF in our country. He leaves behind a wife and three young children (primary school age).

A second seriously injured party activist is apparently in critical condition…

“What do they [Zanu PF] expect people to do?”

His bemusement is because Zimbabwe’s inflation is heading fast towards 1800% (it surged to 1,729.9 percent in February from 1,593.6 percent the previous month); life expectancy for women is 34 and for men 37 (average); HIV/AIDS statistics in our country are among the worst in the world and we’re facing massive food shortages and wide spread hunger; etc, etc, etc

Seriously…. What does the ZANU PF government expect us to do? Keep our mouths shut and passively starve to death?

Today’s crackdown and the recent bannings of political meetings nationwide would suggest so.

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