Mid-March record and past comes back…

19 Mar

There is another NSW election entry on Ninglun’s Journalspace.

Now the week here. The most remarkable statistic comes from Sitemeter, bearing in mind quite a bit of March remains.


WordPress stats for the top ten entries visited individually in the past seven days are:

1. Donnelly is miffed 63
2. The connection has timed out … Firefox 50
3. Keating the Musical 37
4. In the Wild: Brave New World and Blade Runner (English and ESL blog) 36
5. What happens to tense in indirect speech? (English and ESL) 31
__ Two Australian poems of World War II 31
7. Revenge Tragedy (English and ESL) 26
8. Antony defends Chinese censorship 23
9. …subject-verb agreement… (English and ESL) 21
__ How can I improve my essay grades…? (English and ESL) 21

Thanks too to C.O.P.S. The Case of the Bulletproof Harpist for linking to me recently.

Welcome email

This morning there arrived a long email from Ross, whom I taught at Illawarra Grammar School over thirty years ago. He has had a varied and interesting career since then in various police and emergency services capacities both metropolitan and regional.

Well hello there! Perhaps I should endeavor remind who on earth is sending you this email… Ross …, ex Illawarra Grammar … Ring any bells? If not, well, hope a bothersome ex student hasn’t caused you any alarm and good luck for the future. If so, how the hell are ya’!…

Recreationally, I cycle a bit (not as fast as I used to!) and do a little running. I’ve spent an awful lot of time rock climbing and a spot of mountaineering in New Zealand, mixed in with some climb guiding here in Oz. [My wife, son and] I are off to England, Scotland and Norway the week after next for a bit of a look around…

Well Neil, it would be good to hear from you and maybe catching up for a coffee / beer / wine…I fondly recall your teaching and you have crossed my mind over the years. From some of the information on your sites, you certainly sound satisfied and content, dealing with the challenges that life hurls at us sometimes. If you have the inclination, get in touch. If not, good luck.

The coffee etc. sounds good, but only if Ross comes to Sydney. 🙂 And I am not so sure about how well I have met life’s challenges. I know I could have done much better, but no point repining.

My late sister’s birthday today. She would have been 67.

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