Watched Malcolm again last night.

20 Mar

I first saw this classic Australian comedy back in 1986 at the time of its cinema release. Malcolm stands up well after 21 years, as “madbarmaid” from Yorkshire, England, says on the International Movie Database:

A brilliant low budget off beat Australian comedy that is well worth tracking down. Easy to watch and light hearted. It is rare that I go out of my way to recommend a film but this one is worth it. It contains one of the most amusing bank robberies portrayed in a film. The getaway sequence has to be seen to be believed. The soundtrack is provided by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Watch it if you can. A friend managed to catch it on TV many years ago and taped it and it is almost worn out. I have been trying to get a proper copy since then but have failed miserably. I have had to hide it to prevent anyone borrowing it again. One of these days it might be worth going to Australia just to track down a copy ( well, almost!)

The DVD has an excellent commentary by Director Nadia Tass and Writer/Cinematographer David Parker. Colin Friels, very young in 1986, really inhabits the Rainman-like Malcolm, tram obsessive turned bank robber. John Hargreaves is great as the ex-con who becomes Malcolm’s lodger.


098web.jpgJohn Hargreaves appeared in many Australian movies and some international ones, such as Cry Freedom!:

John Hargreaves (28 November 1945 – 8 January 1996) was an Australian actor. He was born in Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia. He taught in Mendooran, New South Wales, but moved to Sydney in the 1960s. He had roles in The Removalists, Don’s Party, and Malcolm, among many other films. He was the only actor to receive the Byron Kennedy Award, a prestigious film award (in 1994). He died of AIDS in 1996. — Wikipedia

The copy I watched last night came from Lord Malcolm’s place; he had borrowed it from Surry Hills Library and enjoyed it too. Sadly Lord Malcolm is back in St Vincent’s, as I mentioned the other day, and they are talking of sending him to the Hospice again tomorrow. I am off to the hospital now with mail and stuff for him from home. Saturday’s Air Show excursion is looking less likely at this point, which will disappoint Lord Malcolm no end; but you never know with him…

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2 responses to “Watched Malcolm again last night.

  1. Kevin

    March 20, 2007 at 11:00 am

    Ninglun, my political enemy, or should I say, my humane friend, I must ask how your friend Lord Malcom is doing. You cut me to the core when you discussed him, though I’m sure that was not your intention. In any case, if you could let him know that he has support from a crazy right-winger in the states, I’d be most appreciative.

  2. ninglun

    March 20, 2007 at 1:50 pm

    It’s a day-to-day thing, Kevin. You should read this entry, if you haven’t already. He had planned to fly (with Sirdan) on the coming Saturday down to Geelong in Victoria to spend a day at the big International Air Show there, which he has participated in for years now, and he may well still do it, though my visit to the hospital just now was not encouraging. It is all arranged and paid for, however, and Malcolm was determined to go… But not all things are possible, are they? They have just stuck some life-saving bit of plumbing down his nose and he has an electrode or some such over his heart. (I told him I liked his nose ring. ;)) Not a good look on a plane though. After an X-ray he was expecting to be sent to the hospice again. I’ll be keeping people posted on this.

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