Julie Bishop embraces destructive policy…

07 Apr

How to poison relationships in a school? How to stress out Principals even more? Just ask Julie Bishop. She knows, and for reasons only God knows that is precisely what she plans to do. See Plan for principals to set teacher pay. Not surprisingly, Principals don’t want it. Nor does the ACER.

The recommendation to give principals discretion to determine pay rises contradicts the views of Lawrence Ingvarson, from the Australian Council for Educational Research, commissioned by the Federal Government to conduct a study on performance pay for teachers.

Dr Ingvarson has previously warned that such a move could create a “messy cottage industry” with no common standards for performance.

“If we leave it up to the school it leads to cronyism and favouritism,” he said. “We can’t do it well until we have developed methods of assessing teachers that stand up to very critical reviews of their validity, reliability and fairness.”

The president of the NSW Secondary Principals Council, Jim McAlpine, yesterday said he opposed the recommendation. “I think Julie Bishop is trying to put principals in an invidious position,” he said. “At the moment, we work very consultatively and collaboratively with teachers. For us to determine who gets paid what would destroy that relationship and would make teachers distrustful of principals.”

This is total loony tunes, Julie. McAlpine is dead right. Why not let John Howard be the “final arbiter” on your salary, and those of your ministerial colleagues and even humble backbenchers? Think what toadying and factionalism would go on then, eh!

I don’t mind the idea of the Principal having more say than he or she now has in compensating teachers for extracurricular duties though, and access to a slush fund to do it… That really might help. Otherwise, whatever “performance pay” formula it looks as if we will be stuck with, as even NSW’s John Della Bosca seems to be jumping on that bandwagon, try not to let the ideological bees in your bonnet lead you to all the unintended consequences that even Blind Freddie can see. I am glad my teaching career is pretty much in past tense.

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