Please do not fling me in that briar patch…

18 Apr


John Howard and his Immigration Minister haven’t been reading their Uncle Remus. (See Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby.) They have this bizarre plan, you see, to discourage people smugglers by sending asylum seekers or “non legal non persons” (or whatever they call them these days) to America! Now you and I know that just about every emigrant, given a choice, would actually want to go to America. There are a whole heap of Cubans in Guantanamo Bay, you see, who really do want to go to America, but it seems America doesn’t want them, so they (like my ancestor) will be shipped to Botany Bay.

You think I’m making this up, don’t you? John Howard really can’t be so insane, and Kevin Andrews can’t possibly seriously believe in this policy. But I’m not joking, and neither apparently are they. See New asylum policy will result in more boats: Labor.


Some background on Cubans (and Haitians) in Guantanamo: How Did Guantanamo Become a Prison? (History News Network).

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