An Inconvenient Truth revisited

19 Apr

You will recall I bought a copy of An Inconvenient Truth in February 2007 and strongly recommended it. I was interested to read BongoP’o’ndit on the subject (10 April), especially given he is “coming from a slightly skeptical viewpoint” as a research scientist “liberal on social issues, mostly a fiscal conservative, yet not quite the libertarian.” He comes originally from India.

…Given the current climate over global warming, it is difficult to view and comment on a documentary like this without a disclosure on personal political beliefs. So in that vein, let me say that I used to be a global warming skeptic – but not any more from the overwhelming scientific evidence in favor of climate changes. But I do differ from most so-called environmentalist in what to do, and more importantly, how to go about tackling the issue. I believe in pragmatic approaches, rather than a preaching, and linking economic well-being to the solutions.

So coming from a slightly skeptical viewpoint, I thought An Inconvenient Truth does an exemplary job of explaining the challenge facing humankind. Gore does not revel in painting a doomsday scenario as a result of warming. Arguably he presents the information in a non-alarmist manner, even while underscoring the importance of acting quickly. He offers concrete steps to overcome the problem and even panders to my own politics towards global warming – convince people that working towards addressing climate change can have economic side benefits…

Definitely still worth seeing.


At the moment YouTube seems to be having technical difficulties, so some of the embedded videos on this blog are not appearing. [Since resolved.]


See also the RSMG Weblog — Climate Change (John Quiggin and others) for detailed discussion and analysis of problems and solutions from economic, political and scientific viewpoints.

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