Last DVD from current batch — Maurice (1987)

19 Apr

I read the posthumously published novel by E M Forster some years ago and found it of historic and social interest, but not up to A Passage to India in quality. Now twenty years on from its release I have seen the Merchant Ivory film version.

That’s almost two decades before Brokeback Mountain, albeit a very different social setting — one expects certain things of Cambridge and the English upper classes after all. I would like to have seen a bit more of the Maurice-Scudder scenes in that clip. 😉

I enjoyed it, and commend a long discussion on Jim’s Film Reviews.

It was, having just seen this, most amusing to see the sketch on The Chaser’s War on Everything last night where some pompous BBC types were telling us about a new phenomenon — impressionable young people being deeply affected by Merchant Ivory films to the point of imitation in real life. Or was that on Catherine Tate? I do get confused…

Speaking of which, check out Tony Blair and Catherine Tate…

Now that makes Kevin Rudd’s performance seem small potatoes, but it is still worth looking at:

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