Bill Heffernan!

02 May

See Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan has apologised to Julia Gillard for declaring she is not fit to be the deputy prime minister because she does not have children..

Jesus and Buddha and the Dalai Lama can’t be leaders. They never had children… They were probably not terribly well acquainted with nappies either, I suspect. And of course we have the Pope, someone dear to Bill’s heart as a St Joseph’s College old boy. (He was there with lawyer John Marsden!) Bill has “apologised” but only a total Neanderthal would have said it in 21st century Australia in the first place. “Political correctness” rearing its head against poor honest old Bill, a few brave souls suggest. Really? Simple gut-kicking, more likely, and not the first time the old Bill has done it. Too close an acquaintance with the contents of nappies, perhaps? I get sick of anti-correctness-correctness being made some kind of justification for pure bad form.


Mind you, the once Anonymous Lefty sees depths in this episode that eluded me. I just saw a person who happens to be the same age as I am but just doesn’t get it, who has somehow become detached from the times in which we now live. Lefty saw… I am trying to quote him but Blogspot is having one of its only too regular “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” fits! Um, listen to some music or something while I poke Refresh again… (4th time!) No luck! Well, check for yourself later, but he sees the incident as a case of getting the slur out there in a manner that you can then distance yourself from, as, the last part at least, Howard has done. Whether or not that was the intent, it may well be the effect.

Perhaps Julia is modelling herself on Elizabeth I. There is a bit of a resemblance…



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One response to “Bill Heffernan!

  1. Davo

    May 5, 2007 at 1:15 am

    All’s fair in love .. and politics; especially if there is an election to try to win .. whatever that means.

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