National Party leader misunderstands then rejects inclusive education

02 May

I do have some time for Andrew Stoner, the leader of the NSW Nationals, partly on the grounds that he has been more civil than the Libs have been in the ugly world of NSW politics. Today, however, he has joined the anti-PC push in a big way, getting stuck into uber-leftie primary school teachers, forgetting that the same syllabuses and resources apply to prep schools for Kings or Cranbrook or the host of tiny Christian schools spawned in the wake of federal government funding policies, which, of course, have also been overrun by feral Lenins and Trotskys. See Schools are too left wing, says Stoner.

Being translated, that could mean “schools ought bloody well to be right wing.”

In my opinion, anyone who has never considered that Australia Day is also Invasion Day (or Survival Day), or that more than one kind of family exists — a fact well known to kids who live in many kinds of families — or that bullying people because they are not like you is not a core Australian value, is simply not well educated.

See Australian Multiculturalism for a New Century: Towards Inclusiveness (Australian government report 1999).

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