Elizabeth II to visit Elizabeth I’s ex-colony

04 May

You do know why it is called Virginia, don’t you? Yes, I know; the actual colonising happened under James I… But the Virgin Queen and Sir Walter Raleigh did give the place its name. There was rather more of it then too.

The Queen is starting her first trip to America for 16 years with a visit to Virginia in the United States to meet survivors of the worst college shooting in US history.

She will pay tribute to the victims of the Virginia Tech shooting and is expected to meet survivors and bereaved families.

Cadets from the college will line the steps up to the state Capitol, where the Queen will deliver her keynote speech to the Virginia assembly.

The 81-year-old monarch will be joined by the Duke of Edinburgh for the six-day east coast tour. — ABC News

Good on her.

All those who assume this is a left-wing(ish) blog because I cheer for ideas like “inclusiveness” and “multiculturalism” will be surprised to learn I have long had a soft spot for the monarch. True, I really do. Enjoyed the movie too.

But then who wants exclusiveness and monoculturalism? I am in favour of queens of all kinds.

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