The Choir of Hard Knocks and related thoughts…

15 May


There is a documentary on The Choir of Hard Knocks running on ABC as I write. It is inspiring stuff, and a look at the other Australians, the ones I see — or their cousins as the choir is in Melbourne — every day here in Surry Hills. One of the gains I have made since Lord M went into his decline is that I have got to know some of the people in The Northcott as I visit there quite often now. Just yesterday as I was collecting Lord M’s mail, one guy, whom I kind of knew when he was a street person in Glebe years ago, sent his regards to Lord M. Another of Lord M’s neighbours, a really good person around my own age, has the other key to Lord M’s flat and waters his plants. I’ve had a number of long talks with Brian. They really care about what’s happening to Lord M; he has been a neighbour of theirs for quite a while.

And this is by repute one of the worst addresses in Sydney.

As for the choir’s founder, Jonathon Welch, he is a very busy man. You may recall I heard another of his choirs at the Homotones Concert in February.

Such a positive gay man, making such a great contribution to society!

The documentary continues next Tuesday.


See the interview on Talking Heads 20 August 2007.

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