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17 May

I was touched by Marcel Proust’s concern expressed in an email that something untoward was happening in my life (or Lord Malcolm’s) when this blog went off the air for several minutes or hours at a time. As I said, I have decided to fiddle in private… So if it ever happens again, that will be the reason. When the story of Lord M comes to its end a page (already written, mostly by Lord M himself) will appear as a temporary front page.

Adrian Phoon has been fiddling with his blog too. Those of us who have really appreciated what he does over there are concerned; he does seem to be having a hard time. Our thoughts are with you, Adrian, and I really do hope some of the currently hidden material surfaces again as it was not only well written but also of great value to many people. There was that really wonderful entry on counselling, for example, written on 20 March this year. [That entry is now back up. 🙂 ]

I seem to have struck a chord with the train station versus railway station entry. Thanks for the comments, Thomas and David, and anyone else who joins in. Perhaps I should have a language fetish section, but then maybe that belongs on English and ESL, where I am about to mirror that entry and, believe it or not, quickly transform the site with one of the templates I tried here yesterday for the first time, liked, but ended up opting for the old folks’ template I now use. Over there my readers can cope with small print… [And so can you, as I have now converted this to the same template. — 21 May.]

I also found a new (to me) reference site while pursuing yesterday’s bit of trivia: The Visual Dictionary. It appears to have been written in French and the English on the front page reflects that very clearly. Once inside, however, you will find a really great site. Or you can opt to read it in French!


Bigpond is blocking emails, it appears, as it has notoriously done with gmail and others. See Gmail blocked by bigpond. What is reported there is precisely what happened to my latest attempt to reply to your last email.


1. Jim Belshaw’s series “Depression and the Professional”.

2. Guess who gets a pay rise? Hint: it’s not a worker on Benjamin Solah’s blog covers an issue I thought about too yesterday. It is quite outrageous that the heads of the old politicians’ retirement club, aka Macquarie Bank, are “worth” — or just ONE of them is! — the equivalent of 335 doctors or 669 teachers, not to mention 108 prime ministers! This is not merely outrageous; it is obscene.

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