Ninglun’s Dinkum Aussie test, mate!

20 May

Since the sample citizenship test is such a travesty, let’s get real. The government, for a fee, may use this test any time they like. They can even employ me to generate thousands of similar questions.

1. The best blogger in Australia is

A) Ninglun
B) Thomas
C) Jim Belshaw
D) Marcel Proust

2. When you see a shark while swimming in a Blue Mountains creek you should

A) be very surprised
B) report it to the police
C) eat it
D) report yourself for environmental vandalism

3. Bushwalkers should beware of

A) politicians
B) bunyips
C) hoop snakes
D) all of the above

4. A popular Australian pastime is

A) gambling
B) getting pissed
C) horse racing
D) listening to Radio National

5. The ABC is

A) biased
B) very biased
C) very very biased
D) far too biased

6. Australia’s greatest Prime Minister is

A) John Howard
B) John Howard
C) John Howard
D) John Winston Howard

7. The Liberal Party is

A) the obvious choice to lead Australia
B) the best choice to lead Australia
C) the only choice to lead Australia
D) the party you should join tomorrow

8. Labor are

A) in thrall to the trade union movement
B) not to be trusted
C) getting too bloody cocky
D) all of the above

9. Work Choices

A) never existed
B) was a good idea at the time
C) is far better than anything in your home country
D) is a close relative of the hoop snake

10. When watching the cricket you should

A) avoid snoring
B) close your eyes and think of England
C) look for a bookie
D) wear a silly wig

Any suggested questions?



12 responses to “Ninglun’s Dinkum Aussie test, mate!

  1. Amanda

    May 22, 2007 at 9:27 pm

    Yep… loving it also

  2. ninglun

    May 22, 2007 at 10:48 pm

    Thanks, Amanda*. Given that John Howard is now saying he is a dead duck with no rabbits (PM warns Coalition of electoral annihilation) I feel question 13 coming on.

    13. The PM is

    A) lying again: he can’t help himself
    B) showing off his latest rabbit which is an appeal to underdog sympathy also designed to frighten us off voting Labor
    C) being amazingly honest
    D) about to retire

    * I checked: it’s not that Amanda, though I was hoping it might be… 😉

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