September in Australia

20 May

apecdollarSeptember is May Week in Australia, if you know what I mean. It brought us the 2000 Olympics 🙂 and now it is to bring us APEC.

Grey Winter hath gone, like a wearisome guest,
And, behold, for repayment,
September comes in with the wind of the West
And the Spring in her raiment!
The ways of the frost have been filled of the flowers,
While the forest discovers
Wild wings, with the halo of hyaline hours,
And the music of lovers.

September, the maid with the swift, silver feet!
She glides, and she graces
The valleys of coolness, the slopes of the heat,
With her blossomy traces;
Sweet month, with a mouth that is made of a rose,
She lightens and lingers
In spots where the harp of the evening glows,
Attuned by her fingers.

I think old Henry Kendall there is giving us a tip: come September, head on out to some valleys of coolness — or anywhere, so long as it isn’t Sydney.

John Howard’s pre-election extravanganza is going to bring all sorts of goodies to the Harbour City:

…federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock has admitted the Government is worried about the possibility of terrorist strikes during the summit. Mr Ruddock said federal and NSW authorities were combining to provide world-class security to protect the 21 international leaders, their entourages and Sydneysiders.

“We do have concerns about the potential for terrorist acts,” he said. “Obviously security is a major issue, for those coming as much as it is for the Australian people and people in Sydney.”

Mr Ruddock said state and federal authorities were closely co-operating.

Whether thousands of foreign guards will be carrying weapons is still up in the air. NSW has special legislation in place which gives the police commissioner the right to allow foreign security personnel to carry firearms. Tough APEC security legislation being drawn up by NSW cabinet this week will include the suspension of normal bail provisions, new powers to do random searches and ban “prohibited” people from restricted zones. Mr Campbell said if police arrested anyone who did not obey orders to disperse or leave an area, they could be held in jail until APEC was over…

Not quite the 2000 Olympics, is it?

Thanks to Sydney Speaking for the coin pic, and further into that blog is a beautiful album of Wollongong pictures. It’s a while since I have been there. I really should go, perhaps for a week in September. Sample pic of Crown Street in Wollongong:


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