Teacher pay will be reformed

21 May

I have been arguing this one for some time, as you may see. I am I think rightly suspicious of the Australian government’s over-ideological and uncritically enthusiastic line on this. But I do commend the NSW school principals:

From January 2008, first-year teachers in NSW Government schools will earn an annual salary of $50,250 and receive an increase each year for the following nine years up to $75,000. They will then receive no further increase unless they take up a position as a head teacher, deputy principal or principal.

Top principals earn $119,000. In all there are 21 pay points in teaching, based on merit, years of experience and school size.

The principals suggest creating extra salary steps for teachers who, for example, complete master’s degrees and use them to help their colleagues. This would recognise the collegiality of the profession, where a number of teachers may contribute to a pupil’s development.

Despite a recent study confirming the truism that good teachers are better than bad teachers, I still feel merit pay based on results is open to all manner of problems and complexity and will produce objective injustices. That is argued through those earlier posts.

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