Teacher performance pay in action…

25 May

Yes, in Jeb Bush’s great state of Florida they are well down the yellow brick road that Julie commends to us here in Oz. Blogger Can’t Keep Quiet lives in Jeb Country.

If you live in the Orlando area you probably saw the article in the Orlando Sentinel about FCAT scores rising across the state. Schools got the scores yesterday and parents will be able to access the scores via the web tomorrow.

Yesterday at my school’s end of the year luncheon my principal came around long enough to tell that based on the results my soon to be former school should be an A. I wasn’t the only one that said “Gee, didn’t he say that last year?” Our grade based on last year’s FCAT results was a C…

She goes on to quote a newspaper story:

…Luis Barroso, a Deltona father of three, said the news added to his unease about FCAT and the use of those scores to grade schools, hold back students and dish out teacher bonuses.

He fears schools waste time focusing on standardized tests rather than helping students truly master academics.

“I think the FCAT is a little bit of an unfair barometer of how a child is doing,” Barroso said. “I think it’s tremendous pressure on third- and fourth-graders.”

Her conclusion? This parent has it about right…

Where are you taking us, Julie?

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