Yawning Bread on the UNSW Singapore debacle

27 May

Recently the University of NSW announced it would be closing its Singapore campus. Au Waipang (Yawning Bread) is a Singaporean; his UNSW follows Warwick University out is worth reading.

…it is not what Singaporeans think of Singapore that counts, which is often the result of brainwashing by our own government, but what non-Singaporeans think of Singapore. It goes without saying that we’d be compared with the top, most liberal countries in the world, if the target market is already so mobile.

Quite often, what our highly conservative government thinks is an asset (“a safe place to raise families”) may be a liability. We tend to be victims of our own propaganda.

Consider this for example: students would rather study in Sydney, the city with the world’s largest and most flamboyant gay and lesbian mardi gras, than in straight-laced Singapore where homosexuality is banned, and censorship used to prevent young minds from being “infected”…

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