30 May

Overbearing pride or presumption. John Howard’s favourite word of late, as in: Don’t you come in here [Kevin Rudd] with your puffed-up hubris and start lecturing this side of the House.

Pardon me while I pick myself up off the floor!

A Google search for John Howard hubris brings up 401,000 results, with tag lines like:

  • If John Howard has this in mind for 2006, he’s not showing it – yet. But hubris? Gloating? That’s been there in spades from his front and back benches…
  • FOR a man who eschews hubris, John Howard was drowning in it yesterday. First, there was ill-disguised arrogance when asked about Government’s ads…
  • Howard’s hubris may contain the seeds of his demise (The Age, September 4, 2003)…
  • The hubris of Howard will eventually trip our government up…
  • One of the most grating lines that John Howard has wheeled out ad nauseam over the … believe the Rodent is “losing touch” and showing signs of “hubris”. …
  • But John Howard, barely concealing his routine triumphal hubris, has bent over backwards to assure Australians that he has “no desire to extend Commonwealth …
  • Now the treasurer confirmed that, in fact, John Howard (then a failed former leader), … the prime minister had accused his deputy of hubris and arrogance. …
  • Hubris has gone to John Howard’s head, or in other words, he has “lost the plot”. He thinks he is such a good politician that he can sell refrigerators to …
  • One of the secrets of John Howard’s political success is that he made a close study of … the final phase of the Keating era saw similar acts of hubris. …

You get the drift.

Thanks to The Chaser for the video…

…NARDA GILMORE: In a change from last week’s warning of annihilation, John Howard today urged his party room to keep the faith and to maintain a positive sense of self-belief. For his part, Kevin Rudd warned his Caucus that Labor still faces a formidable task. This week’s political battleground is climate change, the Opposition seizing on the Prime Minister’s admission today that some money has been spent on plans for a new advertising campaign, though final approval hasn’t yet been given.

KEVIN RUDD: A classic exercise in prime ministerial duck and weave.

NARDA GILMORE: John Howard fired back, calling Labor extreme over its embrace of greenhouse targets recommended by the British economist Sir Nicholas Stern.

JOHN HOWARD: Stern is not the biblical scholar of climate change that is posited by those who sit opposite.

KEVIN RUDD: We’ve had in this place a Prime Minister who for 11 years has stood in this place and been a role goal [sic: try “rolled gold”, ABC!] climate change denier.

NARDA GILMORE: The Prime Minister will receive a report from his own emissions task force on Thursday, which is expected to recommend a national emissions trading scheme.

JOHN HOWARD: This will be an Australian report for Australian conditions to preserve the strength of the Australian economy.

NARDA GILMORE: Climate change is one of the major issues concerning voters in the lead up to the election, and the Prime Minister is clearly pointing to a conservative approach. On another big election issue, industrial relations, the Government was celebrating a small victory today. Despite labelling it a pre-election stunt, Labor says it will support the new fairness test.

JULIA GILLARD, DEPUTY OPPOSITION LEADER: His laws have been 100 per cent unfair. After this Bill passes this Parliament, they will be 99 per cent unfair.

JOE HOCKEY, WORKPLACE RELATIONS MINISTER: It just illustrates a hypocrisy of the Labor Party, that they’ve been criticising the fairness test from one end of the country to the other, now they’re voting for it. What a joke.

NARDA GILMORE: The legislation will be debated in Parliament tomorrow.

Narda Gilmore, Lateline.

I’d like to see that report on John Howard’s emissions:

And Joe, what would you expect the ALP to do? It was a classic “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation.

As for hubris, there’s been more than enough to go round in recent years.

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