Triumph of the dill

01 Jun

…Mr Howard today said a review of the situation was imminent and the best outcome would be a ban on migrants and refugees who were HIV positive or who had leprosy from entering the country.

“My view is the best result is that no one with those sort of ailments is allowed into the country,” Mr Howard told Macquarie Radio. “I’m going to review the current position, and I want procedures put in place that see as far as possible that that doesn’t happen. We are looking at it the next week or so.”


This bit of mindless prime ministerial drivel would surface today, wouldn’t it? See What on earth is John Howard blathering about, and why? and On this JH is a bear of little brain… So is PH.

Hanson’s Disease, no doubt. Should it be pitied or ruthlessly expunged?

It should also be noted that Howard’s 19th century attitude to “leprosy” is on a par with his knowledge of HIV-AIDS. See Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease).

MDT remains highly effective and patients are no longer infectious after the first monthly dose…

Improving detection of the disease is important, as is education about its cause, providing patients with high-quality services, moving people in at-risk areas toward healthier living, and fighting social taboos about a disease for which patients have been considered “unclean” or “cursed by God” as outcasts. The last issue is important to address because, in such societies, patients may be forced to hide their condition (and avoid seeking treatment) to avoid discrimination. The lack of awareness about Hansen’s disease can lead people to falsely believe that the disease is highly contagious and incurable.

No, Johnnie is mentally here:


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