Sirdan now heading for Durban

06 Jun

During the day Sirdan set off for Perth, then from there to South Africa, for what will be a memorable family reunion. It is a relief that Malcolm passed away before Sirdan had to leave; the Memorial Service is held over until Sirdan returns, and also to give time for friends of Malcolm to hear about his death and perhaps come to Sydney. Dorothy McRae-McMahon will be leading the service.

Going through Malcolm’s things as we have had to do — especially Ian, Errol, Mick, John and Sirdan — we realise what an amazing dark horse he was. We have found a play he had been writing. His library (going to MBS-FM) covered just about all Western philosophy from the 18th century to the postmoderns, and in several languages. He read German with some fluency, and French, and even some Russian…

Amazing stuff, really!

I am told John Morrison plans to relate much about Malcolm in a forthcoming book.

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