Perhaps all politicians should be excommunicated…

07 Jun

Why not? Surely they are up to their necks in chicanery and lying on a minute-by-minute basis… 😉 Must speak to Pell about that. Of course here in Sydney you would have to be under a rock or living in a cave not to know that our very own Cardinal has a view about somatic cell nuclear transfer, especially as it applies to therapeutic purposes. I believe Cardinal Pell is actually confused on this, because while I might even agree with him on human reproductive cloning that is not actually the issue at this time.

Here is a young man who might set him right on some points, even if at some length. Out of the mouths of babes, etc? Mind you, I could quarrel with some of the points made. I do believe there are ethical and psychological factors in abortion, for example, that are not addressed adequately either by dogmatic pro-lifers or by dogmatic pro-choicers. But that’s another question altogether, which is again where I suspect Pell, and those who support him, get confused.

Whether or not Cardinal Pell is confused, one thing he is doing quite clearly is going beyond moral teaching into the realm of direct political interference through his implied (rather too clearly implied) threat of excommunication. This is a massive backward step that concerns many thinking Catholics.

What is this Pell like? Well, I may even sometimes agree with him. He came out on the side of the angels, so to speak, on John Howard’s work-place changes, but he is an authoritarian priest who in another age may well have found a job at the Inquisition. Here he is being right about The Da Vinci Code, up to a point, but showing his smug and patronising face as well. [A Part 2 is promised for this interview by BadAlex, but has not yet been posted.]

Here in Surry Hills/Redfern/Waterloo there are many decidedly underwhelmed by Cardinal Pell, as you may see.

If you want to review just what stem cell research and therapeutic cloning are actually about and, like me, you are not a scientist, The Basics: Stem Cells and Public Policy is pretty good and up to date.

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