Wild weather

09 Jun

Photo: Sahlan Hayes Sydney Morning Herald

As you may see, Sydney has been experiencing wild weather lately. The following, though a month old, is pretty much like it is now.

Soon I must get down to Chinatown for the day’s tuition.

Meanwhile Marcel has been braving the elements to indulge in a spot of Beethoven, while I was safely at home watching Elephant. (Is that the young Marcel on the recorder?) Chatting up a member of my class of 1986 too! Heaven knows what he found out… Like the time the whole class — yes all 25 of them — inadvertently accompanied me to a gay bar, for example. But that was 1986 after all.

Sunday update

This wild weather has proven to be very serious indeed, especially in the Hunter Valley region and the Central Coast Here is some recent video from Newcastle NSW.

Hunter Valley resident Aluminium has written her account of the past day or two. “The phone lines have been out for two days. Vodafone mobile towers were also out. My Telstra mobile worked though. It all seems to be working this morning though.” Poor Aluminium was also briefly hospitalised during this time.

See also Jim Belshaw.

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