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10 Jun

WordPress’s top posts facility alerted me today to Bill Allin: Turning It Around, “Causes and Cures for Today’s Epidemic Social Problems”. He is a writer and has a website too. There he tells us:

Bill Allin considers himself an ordinary person who thinks extraordinary thoughts. He insists that all arguments and plans must be anchored in reality, must make sense and the plans must be easy to understand, affordable and simple to implement. He has diplomas, degrees and postgraduate degrees from Ryerson University, York University and University of Toronto respectively.

Bill’s extraordinary hidden disabilities, near-feral childhood and classroom teaching experience gave him a unique perspective on how children learn, where and when they learn, what kinds of things they learn and from whom. These cast strong doubts on accepted wisdom about how and when early childhood learning begins to form the foundation on which the adult is later built. And about how social problems can be avoided in adolescents and adults. What he has discovered applies to every person in every culture. It also gives us unexpected hope for a better future.

I haven’t properly evaluated it all, but it does look worth following up.

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