A gift for Marcel and The Rabbit

11 Jun

… and anyone else …because I couldn’t afford to go. 😉

US tenor Louis Gentile.

And speaking of baritones — or bass baritones — one of my father’s favourites was Paul Robeson, an interesting US political story in itself. But what a voice! He was the first person to sing in the Sydney Opera House, long before it was finished! “1960: Paul Robeson, black American actor and singer, climbed on the scaffolding at the Sydney Opera House while it was under construction and sang to the workers.” See also this profile on Bikwil, an Aussie site.

That was recorded in 1936.

This old guy, an octogenarian, was lucky enough the year I was born to see the legendary Othello with Robeson in the lead. According to PBS Robeson’s “Othello was the longest-running Shakespeare play in Broadway history, running for nearly three hundred performances. It is still considered one of the great-American Shakespeare productions.”

That’s my cultural offering for the day. Enjoy.

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