Looking to America, but not like Julie Bishop

12 Jun

Julie Bishop and the federal government continue to Donnellise our schools system, even when schools, private and public, don’t want many of the US-inspired “reforms”: see Conflict a step closer on teachers’ pay model for the latest.

THE Federal Government will today invite consultants to develop a performance pay model for teachers, despite strong opposition to the policy from the states. The Herald understands that companies including McKinsey, Deloitte and KPMG would be among those considered in the tender process, and the model would be tried out in schools.

The Minister for Education, Julie Bishop, said she had asked a consultant to review the international experience of performance pay in education and other professions. [TRANSLATION: consultant will be paid heaps and will tell Julie what she wants to hear.] …

The Government has made it clear the states would have to fund a performance pay system for public schools. It hopes its model, when developed, will at least be adopted in independent schools. But prominent NSW schools, including SCEGGS Darlinghurst, Sydney Grammar, Ascham and Presbyterian Ladies’ College, have continued to pay teachers according to their years of service. The head of SCEGGS Darlinghurst, Jenny Allum, said she would not introduce performance pay as suggested by the Federal Government or by the Association of Independent Schools, which set up a three-band salary model in NSW last year…

On English/ESL I have just posted a real lesson from America, one we would do well to note: James Crawford on No Child Left Behind and ESL.

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