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16 Jun


The Poet’s son taking a walk somewhere near Boston USA. I seem to recall him being a baby… Now he has one of his own.


I wish I could say I took this one of the Sydney Opera House with rainbow, but I didn’t. It is on I have taken a segment as a new header on English/ESL. The one here, you may recall, is from a photo by The Poet.


That, of course, is just the last 100 visitors here in day/night view. Makes a nice pattern, doesn’t it?

And another thing…

Jim Belshaw has been seduced into playing memes. 🙂 I should add I am very sparing about such things, but when Kanani Fong (who is a real writer) asked me, I felt honoured really, so confessed as you saw to a few indiscretions. In the process I gave you a glimpse into what growing up in the 50s was really like…

Now in another entry Jim tasked Thomas with his seniors-unfriendly white on black template, adding “Those of us now forced to wear glasses find light on dark difficult to read, especially where one has lost the main pair and has therefore been forced to use an earlier variety.” Thomas has been busy, as you may see: For future reference, don’t lose your glasses.

My Journalspace has been light on dark for a while now; I think the present look over there is an OK compromise. I can read it myself, after all. And for a few minutes in my now notorious template shifting, this blog looked like this:


Nice template, but it would have meant too many back-edits to change the colour of quotes.

Next day

On reflection I am doing something about the Journalspace template. There are back edits needed there too, but not as many entries.

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2 responses to “Just visual — mainly

  1. Jim Belshaw

    June 17, 2007 at 7:00 am

    Neil, I am very glad that there were so many back edits!

  2. kanani

    June 18, 2007 at 7:49 am

    Oh, you remind me. I need to take more photos. I recently bought a small digital that fits in my purse.
    I love this one of the poet’s son.
    You have such nice pictures.

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