On Malcolm and his books…

17 Jun

I had admired and marvelled at Malcolm’s collection while he was alive. As I said last week, the almost final act was to send that library of books and CDs to 2MBS-FM, who support some of the music Malcolm loved. Years ago I may have walked off with heaps, but now books are possibly the last thing I need more of; I had my own clear-out a couple of years ago. The Rabbit and Delenio were among the beneficiaries, then also 2MBS-FM.

But I took a handful, one of which is more of a treasure than I had realised: a first British edition (1946) in excellent condition of Bertrand Russell’s A History of Western Philosophy. It is a wartime economy production, complete with carefully preserved dust jacket, which is on recycled paper — the reverse side of a detailed map (dated 1942) of part of Poland and Hungary, as clear now as it was when Bomber Command, spies, or military planners might have used it!

— Rare footage of Bertrand Russell on clear thinking.

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