Well said, Julia Gillard…

19 Jun

… but the penguins may come back to haunt you, I’m afraid…

See End the culture wars and make way for a renaissance.

You might think I’m pulling a long bow in drawing conclusions from an animated film about a dancing penguin named Mumble. But Mumble is a man – or should I say, a penguin – for our times. He won’t conform. Instead of singing like everyone else, he dances. And along the way he uncovers some important truths about the need to change our ways.

Australians are a bit like Mumble. In terms of world culture, we’re unique: young, unusual, at times exotic and usually undermining authority. We can choose our path. We shouldn’t feel we have to sing along in harmony with the rest of the world to have a positive effect on it. But we can dance like no one else. The last thing we need is culture warriors trying to force us to conform.

It’s by doing things our way and by continuing to nurture and celebrate our own culture that Australia will best confront our challenges and go from strength to strength.

But you’re not wrong.

And did you see Media Watch last night as it trawled the culture wars sewers? Interesting implications for bloggers too.

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