Quick review catch-up

25 Jun

callea.jpgRedemption — Robert Daley (2006). UK crime fiction. “A subtle story that underplays the seedier, more gruesome elements of crime fiction without ever detracting from its power … an author who is rapidly becoming more accomplished.” This proved somewhat too melodramatic for my taste.

Nature of Australia — is just beautiful (1991/2003). (DVD) ABC TV — digitally remastered. And yes, it really is great. Creationists should be forced to watch it: Australia is a living contradiction of Ken Ham. Perhaps that’s why he left.

Anthony Callea Live in Concert (above right) — well why not? (DVD)

I enjoyed this rather cute Italian boy more than I expected I would. He has quite a vocal range and a great stage presence. Could tighten his diction, perhaps…

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