Legal Eagle on the Indigenous crisis

29 Jun

When I get time I will give Legal Eagle’s excellent post careful attention. I agree entirely that the word “crisis” is odd for a situation of such long standing. You may gather from my page on the subject that I am far from adopting a reflex left position on this one, much as I regret the line the Howard government has taken on such things as land rights and the Stolen Children Report. Like her, I hope that despite “a giant dollop of political opportunism” there may be good outcomes. I differ on reconciliation, and commend what Jackie Huggins had to say on that: see Some thoughts on the events of June 2007. I don’t think what you might term the spiritual dimensions of the issue will cause all the practical issues to go away, but I believe they profoundly affect how solutions are framed and how they are received.

I do hope the states and the Commonwealth stop beating each other up on these matters and really sit down and work together.

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One response to “Legal Eagle on the Indigenous crisis

  1. Legal Eagle

    June 30, 2007 at 12:40 am

    Thank you, Ninglun.

    One of the encouraging things is that everyone seems to agree that we do need to work together on this. I hope that something positive comes out of it all.

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